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Property management and rental service

You are looking for a trusted contact in Spain who has a key to your house and takes a look at your property from time to time, to see if everything is as it should be.

We offer you key service, property management and rental service

Key service
We have a key to your property. Always usefull in unforeseen circumstances, so we will be able to act immediately if you want us to. For example to check your property after a time of bad weather, or to guide people that have to be in your house for any repairs or installation work.

Your point of contact in Spain.

In this case we charge you an hourly rate for our assistance services.

Property management
During your absence it shall give you a more comfortable feeling when somebody checks your property from time to time, to see if everything is okay.
We carry out periodic checks in and around the house. You can specify how often you would like us to perform the checks, depending on your wishes.
In case there is anything out of the ordinary or needs repair we can act immediately, in consultation with you.

Of course, after each check, you will receive an email of our visit with feedback, if necessary with photos.

Check points:

  • Visual inspection inside and outsid
  • Hinges and locks and, if present, the alarm system
  • Gas, water, electricity and TV/internet connections
  • Ventilation of the house
  • Flushing of faucets and toilet
  • Pests or vermin
  • Collect your mail

You can expand this with maintenance of your swimming pool, garden and cleaning activities.

Rental service
You are thinking of renting your house in Spain and you are looking for a reliable partner who can take care of everything for you and your guests.

We offer you guest service or you can choose to let us take care of everything regarding the rental of your property.

Our guest service means that we:

  • Welcome your guests
  • Explain all equipment and installations
  • Provide practical information ad things to do in the area
  • Collect the deposit and take over the key
  • Do a final inspection, return the deposit and take back the key
  • Take care of the final cleaning
  • Are the 24/7 point of contact for your guests

Rental service:
We can also manage the rental of your property which includes finding clients and take care of the bookings. In this case you don't have to worry about anything, we will do everything for you.

If desired, we can arrange transfers to and from Malaga Airport for you or your guests.

BE LUCKY can also prepare a welcome package for your guests, get some groceries before they arrive, rent a car for them or make reservations for excursions, shows and events, etc.